Monday, July 30, 2007

Say YES! to Michigan

We dropped in last Wednesday morning for a bit. Long enough to rent a car and head east...sans Aleene's bag. Dang. You would think that three bags loaded together would make it together. Not so. The agent was nice and explained that it most likely would be on the next flight to Detroit. They would fly it to Pittsburgh on NW and it would be delivered to wherever we wished. Problems came when the second shift got the bag in Detroit and called to ask where we were. "Pittsburgh," I said. "Why aren't you in Detroit?" she replied. Thus started a very unfulfilling conversation on how to get the bag to us. Was it to be Jim's or Dave's?

I called the number I had been given the next morning and reported my dilemma. The nice girl said the bag, now, was in Pittsburgh. Hours later I got a call. "Hello?" I stumbled. "Do youins live in Beaver Falls?" he started. At last. Someone who spoke a dialect that I understood. Good old, Western Pennsylvaniaeese. When I explained the location he replied, "Yea, I know where dat is. I've been there before." So sure enough...10:00 that evening (or there abouts) the bag was delivered to Danbury Farms in Freedom. Yes. Aleene now had her clothes.

We had a wonderful three days with my sibs. All are fine. We laughed, remembered and laughed some more. We ate, we remembered and ate some more. Saturday morning it was all over when Aleene and I motored to Lakeside, OH near Sandusky on Lake Erie for the reunion. A whirlwind 24 hours and then on the road again this time to Meechigan...Up North, Michigan. We found Jeff and family well and extremely busy...

We are in the middle of that visit right now and will be motoring south 200 miles on Wednesday to Holland. Whew it will all soon be over, but Aleene has her bag and she looks and smells great once again.


Leon & Kristy said...

Big Rapids is in your way to Holland. Exit 139 east will take you straight to the Ferris library, the big building at the entrance to the campus. Stop and ask for Kristy for a tour

SLB said...

Welcome to Michgian!