Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ocean, Day 1

I got carried away this morning so I better clarify some points: The place we are staying this year has WiFi, which is great; it is across the road from the beach, but we have to walk through the RV park, so that doubles the distance, which is ok; we have an indoor pool and spa, which we used today; the baby rabbits are out and about, which Tru really likes; and the weather was warm today...when the sun was out, which was most of the time between nine and one. Aleene made sandwiches and we ate them at the beach. The dory boats came in and lots of people were driving on the beach today (like I counted eight 4xs.) Street vehicles would have a tough time getting on and off the beach. I would take the Jeep down there, but not the Honda. Even though it is 4x I don't want to risk doing sand damage.

We got to check out the rocks at low tide and found hermit crabs hiding in shells, shrimp-like thingies, starfish, and other assorted sea life revealed at low tide. Tru likes to explore the tunnels and caves that low tide reveals on the rocky side of the inlet (next to the beach) so we did that too.

I am about to finish the book I am reading by Shelby it is a spellbinder.
The next one up is Lassie Come Home...the original which I got at a yard sale for $.35. Tru and I are going to read that...if he so desires.

Gotta go. It is my turn to cook.

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