Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back from the coast

This is a sample of the time we spent at the coast last week...and part of this week. Tru was with us, of course, and Mr. Asher and his family arrived on Friday evening and stayed through noon on Sunday. The weather was off and on during that time, but we did have a chance to enjoy the beach. Sunday afternoon and the rest of our stay was spectacularly beautiful.We did some snoozing and reading in the sun while we watched the dories and other sights. We did a lot of walking.

Sunday afternoon we spent with our friends the Springers who drove down for the afternoon. Monday we spent with Judy, her mom (who are Japanese) and Dick (our choir director.) Judy's mom is 85 and very with it. She was interred in a camp in Idaho during part of WWII and is a scream. As she was telling a story about her younger days she just interjected, "You know they put us in camps? Me, what would I know about anything at 20? But I met my husband there." So some good came from the experience. I did not ask any further questions...this time. One more thing... at one period of time Judy's dad was a chicken sexer in Michigan. They lived in the Detroit area, but he was hired out all over the state...maybe even Zeeland with all the Chix. She couldn't remember the name. He could sex over 1000 birds an hour.

They came over to the motor home after supper on Monday and we continued our chatting. Mom said (I forget her name), "Sorry for asking, but what do you do with the poop...I want to know? See, I feel comfortable enough talking to you to ask such a question."

Judy and Dick are nearing retirement...Dick worked 40 years as a band teacher and Judy still teaches third grade. He built up a fantastic instrumental music program at Newberg High. He teaches on the adjunct faculty of George Fox now and they have a cottage in Pacific City. It is one of the first five to be built in the late 1930s. Pictures are incredible from the 1950s. His dad bought it in the late 1960s and they are going to pass it along to their two kids who are both now married. Whew. Got all that? They know the PC area well. Interestingly they met as camp counselors at at UM camp. Mom is UM as well. Did not ask how that all happened.

We drove back home Wednesday and spent the afternoon putting things away and laundry. You know what I did. Good to be back home. I leave Sunday morning early for three days in Livonia, MI (west of Detroit) to do a seminar there; back in time for the 4th.
Enjoy the summer...

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