Thursday, June 21, 2007

From Pacific City, OR

Yes, the Pacific Ocean...calm at high tide and oh, so pacific; today that is. We got here about 2:30 Wednesday after a morning of "running and gunning" to get last minute things done. Tru is with us, too.

It was hard leaving the sunny 80 degree weather and the projects yet to be completed for the overcast 60 degree weather of the Coast and the walking, eating, sightseeing that we do. No it wasn't. Amy, Bren and Asher are coming out Friday after school for two nights. They will take Tru back with them. Aleene and I will will Wednesday. In the meantime we have plans to link up with two couples from for Sunday evening and the other, our choir director and his wife, sometime. The latter has a cottage that has been in his family for a long time. My guess is we will do lunch some day. Cell phones are wonderful.

We look forward to low tide and examining the tide pools. I looked up the tide tables for our locus and "mean low tide" is shortly after noon...getting 45 minutes later each day. Of course, that means that the other low tide of the day is after midnight. So beach walking in the morning is at high tide...and that is ok. The dory (little ocean going fishing boats) are out. They are fun to watch land as they just open the throttle, blow their horns and beach themselves (flat bottoms and drive props raised.) I crept out this morning while Tru in hand...and did the usual...about a mile down the beach. Wonderful, peaceful...yes, the Pacific Ocean.

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