Friday, June 15, 2007

School is out.

Whew...haven't had some of these feelings for a long time...happy, sad, you know. Two days of finals and a complete stripping of my room took up the last two days. Tutors coming and going...and today the guy I replaced showed up. He had taken a job in a small college in Minnesota on a football coaching staff. He is Samoan and really personable. The kids loved him.

I broke the news to those that needed to know earlier this week that I was not coming back. They took it well. There is so much change afoot there that I was a flyspeck on the wall. They are taking this big high school and breaking it into five small schools. Good luck. Staff are really dragging their feet. I am writing a story about my experiences which I will post some day...maybe after we get back from the coast.

We leave Wednesday for Pac City. Got an RV spot there for a week. We are staying in an upscale spot this year...indoor pool, etc. Truman is going with us...Mr. Six (almost) Year Old. I will try to write from there too. Tru's family will come down on the weekend and take him home. We then will meet up with two couples from church. Our choir director and his wife own a cottage in Pacific City that has been in his family for years. Our retired preacher friend is looking for an escape after he concludes a two year fill in on the 24th. He wants to relax at the coast for a few hours as an escape.

Finished a couple of books recently: one on Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin, and one that the movie Gettysburg was adapted from. I am rereading Shelby Foote's account of Gettysburg now...I am finally getting it. It, is the reason and passion of the Civil War...I will spare you the epiphany here, but I wanted to know about Lincoln's genius. I think I figured that out...if I can only remember what I learned.

Said goodbye to lots of neat people...some 17 year olds and some older...mostly the former. Like I said...I will post my feelings later.

I have been making lists all afternoon so I can start living the retired life again. Oh yes, a trip to Michigan July 1-3, then Jan and Gary are stopping by for a few days on their way to Canada and then back down through Montana, etc. Should be a nice trip for them. We are looking forward to seeing them.

The second July trip to Michigan...well, PA, OH then MI starts on July 24. We got the Penn State reunion update...our one day in OH...sounds "interesting." Yuck...two long plane rides in three weeks. But school is out...yea.

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