Friday, March 02, 2007

Tree planting

I vowed no pictures until the siding goes on, but this was too cute. Tru and I planted a tree on Tuesday. I think I mentioned that Aleene and I bought a tree last Eastern Redbud like the one we had in the back yard at Fennville.

Notice the front steps are on and covered with paper so we won't stain them before they can be stained. The siding is not up, but was, in fact, being delivered while I took this picture. That afternoon the siding guy delayed the date to hang it until Monday. The weather...rain...was slowing him down. We want to get out of the mud...siding, rain spouts, ahh, yes.

Tru likes to dig. His little 44 pounds makes it hard to dig deep, so I loosen soil and he scoops it out.

I went to the doc yesterday for my annual update on meds, etc. Have I talked about my doc? Aleene would say, yes, you have. She (my doc) is a good one. She listens, empathizes and goes about her business in a very professional way. You ladies are used to going to docs of the other gender. This is new to me, but I have to say...she is a pro. She did her undergrad work at Michigan and went to med school at Iowa...a real Big 10 student. Enough...

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SLB said...

Are those daffodils I see? As I sit here under a snow and blowing snow advisory