Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rain gear

When we moved here, someone jokingly told us that Oregonians do not use umbrellas; if we carried one, or used one, we would be marked as a transplant and be looked upon with disdain. This was, of course, a hoax to give us doe eyes (it doesn't take much) and ask, "really?"

What I have noticed...as I walked home from coffee with a friend this morning, that there is more truth to the umbrella statement than one might think. Everyone, and I do mean everyone that I passed as I walked home in the rain, wore a hooded coat or sweatshirt, but they did not have an umbrella. Oregonians, at least those that live in the valley, do not own winter coats either. They wear hooded rain jackets or sweatshirts. Never mind that they may or may not be rain resistant...you just cover your head and move on.

The rain is a temporary interruption to their casual lifestyle. But let's not discuss snow. That is a different issue. There were a few flakes in the air this morning and the TV stations went crazy. I do have to admit that our contractor, who lives above 1000 feet in the heart of the wine country in the county said he had 3" this morning and that the wind was blowing so they had a white-out for a time. Below 500 feet...just rain. I would not want to be driving here above 500 feet this morning...too much like Michigan.

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