Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sorry, no pictrue, but siding is almost all on

I wanted THE picture to show the siding on the front of the house. Wouldn't you know it, they started at the garage and went the other way... While 90% of the house is sided, it is not done in the front. The trim is on, but the panels are not up. So until then, no picture! We got the rain spouts on today too...yea. Just in time for the next batch of rain. We are making progress.

Drywall is delivered tomorrow and it goes up Thursday...taping on Friday...then after it dries, Aleene and I have some serious painting to do. The floor underlayment goes on and then the carpet and sheet goods in both bathrooms...whew. That should take us up to the last week of March...and then we begin to move in.

We have had two of the most beautiful early March days one could ask for. Yesterday was limitless sun and 66 degrees, today was almost the same with clouds rolling in about four o'clock. Truman and I did some serious digging and uncovered a plethora of fishing worms, so we "rescued" them for an upcoming fishing trip in April. He loved catching worms.

Earlier in the afternoon he asked Aleene and me what habitat meant. While we were rescuing worms and shaking out clods of soil, I of course, told him that we created a good habitat for fishing worms by piling the soil up that came from the crawl space excavation. This, of course, was while we were improving our own personal habitat. I think he got it.

Watch for pictures tomorrow...even though it is supposed to rain.

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