Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Progress, but no pictures

The front steps are on, the vanity, sink top, lights, and flooring are all set. That was this morning's work. This afternoon I took Bren's truck up near King City and picked up an Eastern Redbud that we bought last week. It is about seven feet tall (including the root ball) and weighs about 100 pounds...ugh. It will stay in the pot for a few weeks, but they were on sale and we wanted this one.

We had a redbud in our backyard in Fennville. They are beautiful in the spring, but are basically a shade tree with big heart-shaped leaves. We had a tree house built in the one in Fennville. I do not think that will happen with this one. It will be dead center in our front yard.

It was off and on rainy today, but we were able to get around between the showers. However, late this afternoon, the rain started in earnest and hasn't let up. Typical winter day here...40 degrees and rain.

This week the insulation goes in and then the drywall. We paint, the floors get covered and then the bathroom fixtures get set...I think we should be sleeping in the new addition by April 1...Easter. That is a target at least.

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