Sunday, February 18, 2007

Still, no pictures

I am not going to post any more pictures of the house until the siding goes on in two weeks. Until then, word pictures will have to do.
Aleene and I spent Thursday and Friday, or at least several hours of each day, checking out flooring. We are going to upgrade the floor in the hall bathroom at the same time that we do the new one. It is much more cost effective that way, if we use the same sheet goods. The bedroom will be carpeted. If you visited our condo in Holland, our bedroom floor will be very similar to our lower level there.
Jan and Gary flew back to Arizona today. I am sure they are glad to be back home and into a warmer climate after a sustained period of being away from home.

We got word this weekend that Martha, Aleene's dad's friend, is failing. Aleene called her daughter in Indiana to get a first hand report. We last saw her in December 2005 as we headed south. She was doing ok, then, but this fall she broke her femur and the problems began to mount. She has been in the hospital about three weeks now and it is not clear if or when she will be released.

I was asked to speak at church in about four weeks. I was eager to accept, since I did not preach at all last year while we transitioned. I have been liturgist several times and was today, and as I sat up front during the service, I began to wonder if I bit off more than I need to chew right now. We have developed many good friends in the congregation and they have been very receptive to us, but his is a much bigger group than I am used too. Besides, several members are faculty at GFU (George Fox) and some are even seminary trained parishioners. But I will go forth and consider it a growth opportunity.

This week, the plumber comes back, the insulation goes in and the drywall goes up...can't wait to get the back end insulated and closed in...out heating bill shows that we have been exposed to the elements. I am glad we have had a mild winter. It was sixty yesterday.

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