Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cold air comes to the Valley

While our family reports warmer than usual weather in the upper Midwest and the East, we are going through a cold snap reminiscent of January in Michigan. We had some snow today...not much, but enough to see on grass. After that it became very clear and the temps dropped...and the wind began. It is the combination of the 30 degree temps and the wind that made us think we were back in Michigan.

The weatherman says there is no precip in sight, but that the night time temps are scheduled to be 20 degrees for the next several days. That is cold for us. Tonight they had pictures on the news of people cross country skiing at the coast. That is unusual.

The building continues...with more progress expected tomorrow. I am waiting for the trusses to get put in place for the next picture...let's hope it is either Friday or Monday.

We are getting ready to motor to Arizona the end of next week. I have a Certification Conference scheduled for the 24th and 25th. There are enough to run the program so we will be able to make this a working trip.

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SLB said...

If you get near Scottsdale,give Laura a hug for us ;-)