Monday, January 08, 2007

January 7

Aleene reminded me that I have not added to the blog since December...what does that tell you? It tells me that we have not been going places or doing noteworthy things. What we have been up to is watching the addition develop, through the raindrops, piece by piece.

We have seen a couple of movies...make that three...including Charlotte's Web with Truman. He and I are reading the book as part of his reading homework. And, ah yes, football. I have been watching a lot of football. I think Aleene is glad the season is coming to an end. If the Steelers aren't involved, she loses interest. I, on the other hand, keep adopting teams as the elimination process takes place. I tend to favor teams who have players from the Big Ten (11) that we have seen play over the years (Bobby Engram, Drew Breese, Plexico Burris, Antwan Randall El, Tom Brady, LaVar Arrington, Branden get the picture.) That, of course, will cease over time, but it helps me pick teams for the time being. After all, Aleene depends on me to tell her who all these guys are.

This week we get roof joists and hopefully the roof begins to get things closed in...and out of the rain.

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