Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Honda covered

Honda covered
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We got up this morning to this sight...thought we were back in Michigan. Three inches and falling. Everything stops...everything. The roads are slick due to wet packed snow. Aleene walked over to the kids (everyone is out of school) to watch Asher play in the "snow man". Anything with snow is snowman.

I am here doing details getting ready to pull out to AZ on Thursday...post blogs, buy a new remote on line which I stepped on this morning, cancel the paper...and...be here in case the construction crew shows up. Fat chance of that happening. They live in remote areas where I am sure there is much more snow.

They said this morning they have not had this amount of snow on the valley floor in years. Brendon said it looked like Lake Effect to which Amy queried how he might know that. He said simply that he married a girl from Michigan...enough said. And he...make that, she...is right. It is coming straight down with big flakes. We are getting hammered right now. Must be four inches and still going strong. They say it will be over by noon.

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SLB said...

Wow!! You have more snow than us!!