Monday, November 13, 2006

Weather update

The storm was around us, but did not come here. The highway we take to the coast was closed because of fallen trees and some places reported 85 to 100 mph winds with power outages, but not here. We have had the rain, to be sure, but other than being wet, we we were fine.

Yesterday we stopped off at the motorhome before we went to the mediation groups dinner theater. There was a little moisture in the crank area that controls the TV antenna, but no water. So I think we are fine there. The dinner theater was fun. The mediatiors put on the show and the food was catered. There were about 120 people there and we got to eat with a couple from Newberg. So we had a nice visit with them.

Wednesday starts the two-day conference in Portland. Hopefully, I can pick up where I left off in July with the group from Portland and with the great group we had in Seattle. You never know.

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