Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Night

More rain today...just rain for now. Sunday they are predicting wind and another 1-2 inches. We are good here, but those living along rivers, especially near the coastal flatlands, are going to get it again. The sad part is that in Tillamook County...along the coast...there are some really big herds of dairy cows. They had a piece on last night about some heifers getting stuck in water and being susceptible to pneumonia. They obviously lost many, but the ones that survived by swimming are the most at risk. I have never seen cows swim...horses, yes, but I cannot remember seeing a cow swim.

I went over to Mac-ville today to check out the MH...we had some work done to it (getting a new gasket on the slide-out) which was completed. I wanted to check for water. We have a drip where the TV antenna is controlled inside. I packed it with a rag. This happened to use last winter. Fortunately, it is over the table and does not get on the seats or the floor. We will be back over in Mac-ville on Sunday and I can check it out again. This time I may put a bucket under it. It is not bad, but water is insidious...once it penetrates someplace it just gets worse.

We have tickets for a dinner theater on Sunday evening. This is the County Mediation group's money maker. Not sure how it will do, but we are going.

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