Friday, November 17, 2006

Painted Lady

Well, we did it. Ever since we have been coming to Newberg, this house on the corner of College and Second that calls itself The Painted Lady caught our attention. It is a cross between the Purple Palace in Saugatuck and a turn of the century house on the East Side of New Castle. It is an exclusive restaurant and tonight was the night. We ate our way into poverty.

Back in August, as we walked by on our way home from getting coffee, I said to Aleene that we should treat ourselves to a dinner at the Painted Lady IF and WHEN we sold the condo. September saw that transpire with closing in early October. So the threshold had been crossed and now we had to produce. We chose this weekend...the one before Aleene's birthday.

Painted Lady is about three blocks from us so no matter how much the dinner cost, we would save the gas and parking. What a deal. I called for reservations (it is open Thursday-Saturday for dinner...5:00 - 10:00. We chose 6:00 Friday.

Basically the cost is $45 per person for appetizer or soup or salad a choice of entree and a choice of desert; of course, wine and coffee are extra. Remember in OR, there is no tax. So it is pretty basic. They do have a five choice dinner for $60 per person (with a glass of wine with each course, the price is $90.)

Aleene had a portobello appetizer with cream cheese on hand made potato chips. That was followed by pork medallions. She had a hazel nut tort for desert.

I had a spinach salad with roasted red peppers. My entree was Arctic Char (a type of salmon) on spinach and diced beets. I had a cheese cake covered with sliced pears.

The meal was great and we enjoyed the service and ambiance. It took us an hour and a half to eat. What did it cost? We had a glass of pinot gras and coffee, so our bill topped the $100 mark without any trouble.

We agreed we would go celebrate something...may be our 45th anniversary (in about three years.)

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