Thursday, November 09, 2006


With all the national press, it must seem like it is raining here all the time. It did for a few days, but right now we have a respite. Aleene reports over 7" in our backyard gauge. Today we had rain early and now the sun is shining. There is more coming this weekend. Tillamook County got hammered. Cows were lost and roads washed out. Tillamook is at the coast.

Asher is here since he has had a slight fever for a few days. He is better today, but he doesn't need to spread his germs to other kids, so we have him. Aleene had a dentist appointment this morning (her first) which is a two hour deal for the initial one. She had a good report, but I had to keep him. We played and he did well. But I saved the poo-pie diaper for Aleene. She sings to him while she changes him and seems to really like doing I let her.

She gets her hair done later today so the A-man and I are be-lone again. I think we will take a walk. I picked up the backpack carrier from his house when we took da-dog (Frodo) home after his hair appointment. Frodo has to get frequent shampoos since he has a food allergy that gives him dandruff. He eats a special food that makes his hair oily quickly. So he is used to the groomer and gets all nice. I have been taking him to make Amy's days a bit more calm. She has tomorrow off since they had meetings or know how teaching is here, off there. Anyway, she and the A-man are home tomorrow while poor Tru has to do school a half day.

No news on the building front. We are waiting for the permits. Oh well...we can wait and wait and wait. We are not going any where for a while.

I have a conference in Portland next week. Looks like six or seven people. There is a person in Florida considering coming and that would be seven. I like six since it is divisible by both two and three for group work. My leader in KC, Dan Dana, has a great organization. They spoil me. They take care of everything and I just show up and teach and then they pay me. Wow...I am rethinking my online teaching gig. That is too much work. I knew that going in, but once in the training I realize that it is not going to be fun. I stayed away from online stuff at Davenport and Cornerstone just for that reason.

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