Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Finally, the rain has ended

After about seven inches of rain, it finally ended today. Whew. We were ok...although I did not go see the Willamette River, it was below flood stage down stream. Where things got nasty was where the rain came down in the mountains (those to the west) ended up flooding the coast. Tillamook, which is the count seat of the county Pac City is in. Nasty.

We did not walk this morning, but did this early evening. Nice to get out.

Mr. Baby (Asher) has been sick lately. We will probably have him in the morning instead of the sitter. He is better, but probably needs an extra day off to get things back to normal. He is fun to play with. I especially enjoy putting him down for naps. He smiles when we go. He pats my arm and sings to me and I it works. I go right to sleep.

My class is a pain...too much like work. I spent all afternoon working on a papaer. Can you believe it?

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