Monday, November 20, 2006

Asher's second birthday

Sunday was Asher's birthday...whew. Mr. Baby is now two. Look here for more looks at the big day. We started the celebration after lunch at our house. He got a trike there. And then later, Bren's mom and her guy, Bren's sister (the Hamptons) were there too. With five kids in the house, things got raucous. But we had fun. If you were wondering, Grammy made the cake, which was deliciousioso.

Truman was a trouper by letting his younger brother have the show and the packages and first dibs on all the new things. He did a great job, while biting his tongue from time to time. It is hard to have all that stuff going on and having someone else suck it up...when you are five.

Anyhow, we all had a great time and Asher survived it all. The report today is that he is back to normal....or as close as you can get with a day like a second birthday.

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