Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Detroit doesn't have a very good team this year, so I suspect the 'Fins will win this one...not that I am a fan of Nick Sabin, because I am not (after what he did to Michigan State and LSU) so I will watch impartially. But what do I know, the Lions scored first. On the other hand, I will be cheering for Dallas when that game starts (after dinner.) After all, their quarterback is dating Jessica Simpson (what ever that means.) Joey Harrington (formerly from Detroit and now from Miami) is from Portland, so he gets lots of sympathy in the local press.

The boys and their parents will be here at noon for the traditional dinner. I will be reading from Deuteronomy 8, which was suggested by Brother Dave. The full story is 1-18, but starting from verse 10 works well, especially when little people are waiting to eat.

We sang for and hour and a half last night at choir in preparation for our Christmas program. Our director is a great musician, by that I mean, he is very organized, reads music well and counts perfectly, so it is easy to learn. Once we start, we keep at it until we are done. He asked me to sing one of the solo upbeat, jazzy piece. So we are practicing that around the house to the CD. Last night I saw he put it on the schedule for the early (7:00) service on Christmas Eve besides the full cantata on the 17th.

We have received Thanksgiving blessings from so many this year via email. We do appreciate that and reciprocate through the blog. Read the above scripture...and you will know how I feel.

Our best to you all on this holiday.

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SLB said...

Just wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!