Sunday, September 10, 2006


Needed: One GPS; some online directions; geeky families and you have geocaching.

There are enough interested in this pastime that within a few miles of your home, there are little treasures hidden in, under, over some coordinates that are then posted on the Internet. You take your trinkets and your GPS and go find the cache and record your name on the log and write what you take from the cache and what you leave. Most caches are put in plastic containers, but they could be anything.

Bren got a GPS and he and Tru tried it out last week. Saturday we were invited to go on a geocache hunt at Champoeg State Park. Whew, we walked and walked and found a couple, but some yahoos took several of the little pots of gold. It was fun, but I had...mind you...had to golf on Saturday afternoon, so I was watching my energy level (we had already walked our two miles earlier.) But we had fun.

Our men's group sponsored a golf outing (best ball thingy) Saturday, which was a lot of fun. We have a great 9 hole public course (normal size versus par 3) and they are adding another 9 holes presently, so it will be a nice 18 hole course. Bob S. will appreciate this...we were waiting on #6 for our turn to shoot so we ventured into the ravine and within 30 seconds, I had seven balls. And it was a good thing, because I did not golf too well (I lost two.) But we had fun. My partner and I were teamed up with two teen boys and they were a hoot. The one young man's father sings in the choir with me and he had a friend playing. We had a great time.

Today I did Sunday School and we both did choir. After church, Aleene hosted lunch for the family. Two little boys running up the sidewalk with their arms wide open waiting to hug their grandpa...whew. I told Aleene that I remember when I our kids were that age, but it was so long ago that it seems like a dream. To be going through those fun years a second time is a real blessing. I didn't realize how much we would get out of our decision to move.

Reality sets in this week as the fall schedule begins...boys coming and going and Aleene and my scheduled activities kick in. She is doing Yoga and a Bible study. I go to Spokane in two weeks for a seminar...then to Seattle in early October. I have a third this fall in November here in Portland. We are in the process of scheduling a Phoenix gig for January...ahem...kill two birds with one stone.

With Penn State's loss Saturday, I was glad we were out here in one gives a hoot about the Big Ten (11). Oh, yeah, Penn State....I don't believe it. The Dux won and the Beavs lost so they have a lot to occupy their football thinking. The Sea Hawks are the "local" team, even though San Francisco is only 8 hours away. I still follow the Steelers and sort of peek at the Lions, but hey, they are off to a typical Lions start.

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bob s said...

Yes, I can clearly remember the 6th hole. Glad your playing the game and having fun at it. My kids are into the Geo-caching also.
You're right about the Lions too. But us diehards are still hopeful.