Saturday, September 16, 2006

Catching up

Every time I neglect to post on the blog, I get a nudge from someone...usually Margot. So here goes the report for this week.
#1. We have a sale agreement on the condo (finally.) Sounds very promising. Closing is scheduled for early October.
#2. Our first week on our school schedule was a whirlwind. We have Tru on Tuesday afternoon and both of the boys on Wednesday afternoons.
#3. I was invited to raft the Rogue River next weekend with some guys from our church. The Rogue is in Southern Oregon (Medford/Grants Pass area) and flows toward the coast. We will be on about 45 miles of the river and expect to see bear, osprey, eagle, and other species. We will stay in lodges at night, which are supposed to be very nice. (Oh yes, Aleene goes to the coast the second weekend of October with some Newberg FUMC women.)
#4. My Spokane conference was cancelled. The participants were shifted to Seattle and Portland. Currently, Aleene is planning to go with me to Seattle in October.
#5. Amy Diehr came down from Tacoma to visit this weekend. She is Amy's college friend (Grand Valley) who went to Korea with her. So she is a former co-worker with Brendon, too. She stayed with us while she student taught at Holland High about 15 years ago. We have not seen Amy since the wedding in 1997.
#6. Jeff and Mary closed on their new house yesterday (Boyne Falls) no word on a sale for them, yet, but it will happen. They begin moving piece by piece next week.
#7. We are shifting email to GMail. I will be at; We can get our Earthlink account closed down. With wireless we no longer need dial up when we travel. We may go the way of Verizon for Internet later in the year. This enables me to shed the Comcast account if I choose to.
#8 Happy first anniversary for Jeff and Mary a day after Mary's birthday...congratulations.

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