Friday, September 08, 2006

Observations on GFU

Aleene and I walk on campus each day (weather permitting.) GFU is a church (Quaker) related university. There are 3K or so students at the Newberg campus. It is an an attractive place. We walk the rubberized track and cut through the Quad. We see lots of students. Cost of a year at GFU is about $28K. I would classify it as Hope-like, a bit more conservative perhaps. They do not have a football program, but they have been Div III champs in baseball. They have girl and boy soccer (which we enjoy watching.)

Observation: The students must come from the similar socio-economic pool as Hope or Calvin, but the difference that we see...purely our observation is that the kids here do not dress up like they do in Michigan. Kids just wear clothes that cover them show here. It is West Coast and what we saw at Hope was JP observations...well, just our observation.

They do a Serve Day (Wednesday) when staff and students work in the community. North Valley Friends had 100, our church had 20, the city park near us had a bunch of students doing some landscaping. Kids were smiling, so I guess they were enjoying themselves.

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