Friday, July 28, 2006

Three Sisters

Three Sisters
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Each peak is over 10K feet and is visible on the skyline. The town of Sisters is named after them. Also within sight in a panoramic sense to the south (left) is Broken Top (9K) which has a jagged ridgeline. To the north (right) and visible at the spot where this photo was taken is Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington and stright north Mt. Jefferson.

The flatland is the dry side of the Cascade range which creates (at 3500 feet) a high desert. Everything is irrigated...even barnyards that have livestock walking around which includes llamas and horses. The air is dry and the climate "moderate" which is the desirable part of this region. Bend, at 70K population reminds us of Holland in a western motif.

The triangle of Sisters, Redmond, and Bend (each are 20 miles apart) has become a tourest Mecca. Sisters is a western Saugatuck and quite small. Redmond is more larger, but more like Douglas. Redmond struggling to make itself more of a tourist attraction and get out of the shadow of the other two (which is my take.) Bend is the dominant location...very upscale, very attractive to people who want to get away...and very attractive to businesses. There are lots of startups located here under the backdrop of snowcapped peaks.

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