Friday, June 02, 2006

Art walk Newberg style

Downtown Newberg does not resemble downtown Holland. A main artery runs through N-berg so traffic is zinging. That didn't stop the folks from turning out for an art walk this evening. We did our three blocks to Coffee Cottage where there was a band setting up outside and a Riverman-type person strumming and singing on the inside. The cottage's walls were full of art and people were in, out, and around.

Following our repast, we walked a couple blocks and encountered several more bands, inside and outside establishments. There are three or four wine tasting rooms on the main street (First) each was jammed with tasters and had bands playing. Even the pet store brought in some additional young kitties from the animal shelter to display in their big front window, which is a playground for cats.

We saw a couple of people we knew, either neighbors or from church, and enjoyed the evening air. We walked back to our little bungalow and decided to call it a day.

Amy and Tru took the train to Tacoma this morning to spend the weekend with Amy Diehr. Bren and Asher drive up tomorrow and they all come back Sunday evening. Aleene and I are keeping Frodo while they are gone. The cats are on "automatic." Bren had Asher all day and they hung out with his dad in the morning and after Asher's nap this afternoon they walked over with Mr. Dog. They stayed for supper and went home in time for Asher to get his bath and PJs on. Lots of fun. June 2 has come and gone.

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