Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Where has the fall gone?

Here it is November 1, the World Series is over and I am thinking about liming the garden. So, here are some random thoughts:

Got our flu shots today...this is my 49th consecutive shot, I think. I hate repeating that, but I got the first one in May 1963 courtesy of the US Navy and I do not think the chain has ever been broken.

Pruned the Marionberries last week...we will see how that works out next summer.

Jan and Gary were here for a week and we toured Crater Lake and the roads to and from Bend. Great time and about 750 miles.

Started reading with our SMART kids a few weeks ago. My first grader is Vincent. Very quiet, pleasant boy. I love clowning for him...trying to make him smile.

Spending lots of time working for the Food Bank...we call it FiSH. We are feeding about 1200 people a month.

Our choir is over 30 most Sundays this year. Strong...fun...challenging.

Turned 70 this fall. I do not feel badly especially when I have friends that are hurting. But I have lead a full life and have no complaints.

We spend more time thinking about ailing friends and family members and pray for peace in their lives.

Enjoy reconnecting with lost friends and classmates. I think they are not quite as excited.

Hope to get my latest writing project finished this winter.

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