Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding number three

You may know, dear reader, that we attended three weddings inside of six weeks, this summer. The first in Owatana, MN, the second in Salem, MA and the last one, just a week ago in Douglas, Michigan.

Kelli and Cory make a beautiful couple. Their relationship has already been tested with Kelli's illness and Cory's faithfulness these past three years. It is nice to report that Kelli is much better now. She has her disease in remission and the prognosis is good that it will stay that way. Seeing her look so good was the highlight of the summer. The other two weddings were beautiful and the couples, relatives both, cut such a beautiful picture. But seeing Kelli well was special.

When we go back to Michigan we stay with friends. This time it was with Duane and Margot Hafer. It is always nice to catch up, after all we lived there 35 years and there is much to catch up on. Their grandson, Tyler, just got home from Afghanistan; their son Bruce is moving to Phoenix area and Margot and Duane are doing just fine.

We went north to Boyne Falls to see Jeff and Mary, too. We got to spend time with our great grands while there. Beautiful little boys and a little girl. It is times like this that we wish we lived closer. That was the trade-off with our move...coming up on six years ago. We had to give up on something.

Flying into Portland on Wednesday I was reminded of a song I used to sing 55 years ago. It was entitled The Hills of Home and the words, while I can't recall all of them went something like this:
My prairie home is beautiful, but oh,
I miss the broken skyline that I know...
The Hills of Home.
I know them, love them, see them once again...and on and on. You get the point.

We could see six mountains in the Cascade Range when we approached PDX at 12,000 feet. From the north, Rainier, St. Helens, Adams. And to the south: Hood, Baker and Jefferson. Yep, we could see from Tacoma to Bend. It was quite a sight.

Well, the weddings are over. The Lutzes in Minnesota are enjoying a new son and the Knearams in Massachusetts celebrate their new son, too. We wish them well. Our hope and prayer is that Kelli can stay cancer free for the next fifty years and more...

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