Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day after Christmas....

Snow is falling in the east and we get rain. It is a quiet evening here on December 26. The tree is down; gone in fact, and we are trying to stay up until bed time. There is sucky TV tonight, since the game in Philadelphia is canceled. Right now I am watching the Oilers and the for the uninformed.

Christmas was nice. We spent a couple of hours with the boys in the morning and then came home to prepare food. Our friends from Scotland called us on SKYPE and I talked to them for an hour while Aleene shouted from the kitchen. Pete and Jessie are well and it was good to see them.

We had a nice family meal...just like old times... and opened a few gifts here, then just relaxed until about five p.m. The kids were then off to Bren's dad's place in Sherwood.

Today we did church as the choir was singing. I was driving the van today, so I went early to make the normal run. After church the kids were back for leftover ham sandwiches. We are headed to the coast for a couple of days...Pacific City where our choir director and his wife have a cottage. There will be three couples...and I anticipate eating and talking will dominate the time. Oh yes, there will be time for a walk on the beach.

Tomorrow I will help at FISH in the morning as we do the various pick ups of food around town. There are FISH barrels in several churches and other locations that we pick up every week. We will pick up three or four hundred pounds on most weeks. Not sure what to expect tomorrow. Anyway, after the run, Aleene and I will motor out to the Pacific...haven't been there since October.

Should get our tickets for San Francisco this week. We leave January 25 via a sleeper going south. We will spend two nights in SF then head back north by coach. Should be interesting.

Hey...hope you all had a great Christmas...and a safe 2011.

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