Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twenty-five years later

In 1985 Amy came home from school (her junior year) pleading with us to take in an exchange student from Brazil who had been living in Martin, but needed to move. Her name was Claudia and had been placed in a home not suited for a teen age girl. There was another in the same community, Adrianna, who was moving in with our friends the Flemings. There was very little to dispute. The deal was closed.

Claudia stayed with us through January...the same month I left teaching...and that was it. This month Claudia is in Sacramento, CA attending a symposium. Well, tonight she called and is flying up to see us next weekend. I will have pictures and more to say later, but suffice it to say that we are anxious to see her after twenty-five years. Her English is as good or better than when she was with us for those five months, so we will have lots to catch up on.

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