Sunday, March 28, 2010

Habitat House

Oops, no picture. Aleene and I spent yesterday, Saturday, working with workers from our church hanging siding at the Newberg Habit house. The weather was maxi-mo, just beautiful. While we were accomplishing the same task, we were in separate crews working on different parts of the house.

As most of you know, Aleene has been about the work of Habit for years having worked on builds locally in Holland, Baltimore and Nicaragua. She also volunteered at the Habitat office in Holland for several years before we moved. This is her first work here. This is the first time we worked together on a project.

Habitat in Newberg has been struggling to find affordable lots to purchase so they can build houses when this one came open on North Main. It really is a duplex with the two halves joined, but offset giving it a very distinctive look. We learned yesterday that Habitat recently acquired another lot and will be building another house(s) just like this one not too far from us. So, we will be helping more in the future, I suspect.

I got up this morning stiff and sore, but the longer I am up the kinks have begun to work out. Yesterday holds pleasant memories of working together outdoors with my crew for seven hours.
Now, on with the Palms.

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