Friday, March 26, 2010

Back crom the coast

Last night was a first for us. We endured a storm right off the Pacific with little between us and the elements. We had supper with friends in Pacific City and made the 45 minute drive north on Highway 101 in a hard rain arriving back at the campground at 8:30. It was raining hard; pelting, really.

The wind picked up jostling us with each gust. Mind you, we could see the ocean from the camper. There was a rock wall, about four feet high, between the beach and the campground. We were in the second row of RVs. We were pretty much straight on with the ocean. It ebbed and flowed all evening, but we got to sleep only to be awakened about 3:00 a.m. when a torrent of rain hit us at the same time as a good shaking of the camper. We got up and "stretched" (I checked the radar on line) and after surveying the inside of the MH, we went back to bed satisfied that the elements were not going to penetrate our defenses.

Morning came with sunshine glistening brightly off the frothy white caps of the waves to our west. It was the best view of the Twin Rocks that we had all week. It was a brilliant day. We ate and walked for an hour down the beach across the southern stretch of Camp Magruder and up road of the little settlement where the camp-site is located.

Magruder is a UMC camp made up of many buildings and covers about 100 acres right at the beach. Speaking of a Tsunami target...this is it. Regardless, it is a beautiful spot and we were glad to be able to look it over .

Our drive back home this afternoon was uneventful...except that when we got back into the valley, we caught up with last night's rain. Oh well, that is March in Oregon.

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