Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesdays with Asher

Aleene picks Asher up from pre-school on Tuesdays (two blocks away) and he comes here for the afternoon. He usually naps, but not today...too many things to do. I had a dentist appointment and did not get home until after noon. He was eating when I arrived and planning the afternoon. He was scheduled to make Rice Krispy squares. He had another idea.

"Let's make ice cream," he said. Well, he was not to be denied. He has done this before and knows were the ice cream maker is. He told his grammy what she needed and just began to make that the afternoon's project. I had to get a bite to eat and by that time he was heavy into the ice cream. I did not get my camera fast enough. There was the prep, the ice the salt. It wasn't until the mix began to set that I could snap pictures.

So, click and up on facebook they went. I just had to write a line or two about it since he really knows how to manipulate his grammy into doing what he wants...sometimes subtly and sometimes not.

Truman comes here after school on Tuesday also, so after I got back from the eye

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