Friday, December 04, 2009

Civil War

Amy alerted me to the "Civil War" in Oregon long before we moved here. Me...smug Big 10 (11) person that I was thought, "Who cares who wins between O and OSU?" They were nearly always on the bottom of the heap in the Pac 10. But 2009 showed that everybody cares when they are playing for the Pac 10 championship and the chance to go to the Rose Bowl. (Oregon State is 40 miles north of Oregon and it is often brother against brother, but after 113 years...not so much any more, however.)

Back to my story; here are some interesting anecdotes. Aleene announced that we were going to have pizza from Papa Murphy because she had a coupon and it has been ages since we ate pizza. So I called and ordered and thought it strange that their lead-time was 1/2 hour. But I went and waited in the longest line I have ever experienced at Papa Murphy...just for a place to park. Inside, it was worse. Then it hit me...this Civil War thing is bigger than the Super Bowl.

This morning: I have a running conversation with produce guy at our grocery store about his fruits and veggies and he alerted me that in addition to 400 lbs (a normal day) of banana yesterday, they sold 250 lbs of avocado. "Guacamole for nachos for the big game," he said. Wow 250 pounds.

Finally, last night: Just before half-time we got a call from the mother of one of Truman's friends asking if her boys and their dad could come to our house to see the rest of the game. They do not get ESPN on their TV and were having trouble streaming it from the computer. So, of course, we said come on over and that is what you are seeing above. Three boys and Grammy watching the Civil War (dad is not pictured, but he was there, too.)

We had fun, but unfortunately, the team favored by the majority of this audience did not win, but it was a good, "a great game," as my green grocer emphasized.

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