Thursday, September 24, 2009

No luck with the whales

The wind was blowing strongly this morning when we got to Depoe Bay. If the pod of grays was out spouting, the were too hard to see. Instead we watched the play of a couple of seals and a flock of brown pelicans. We were entertained.

We drove north to Neskowin to eat at Hawks Creek Cafe. We enjoy the intimacy and good food there. As we were finishing eight, count them, Red Hats came in in full glory. They were laughing so our snickers were not too out of place.

We walked to the beach adjacent to the restaurant and got a chance to see Cape Kawanda and Haystack Rock from ocean level. We did not do the overlook due to the wind. My cheeks are actually wind burned this evening.

We love the coast. We are getting more and more familiar with that section of Highway 101 (not the old country group) and feel the magnetic attraction of the sea. Need I wax any more poetic?

We had a beautiful afternoon in the Valley.

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