Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is fall

The Autumnal Equinox kicked in a few hours ago...2:18 here in the PNW. I hope all your attitudes are in tip top shape as we look forward to winter. Ah, but first, we must enjoy Autumn.

I always enjoyed the fall of the year: the return of football, cool nights, the World Series, the color change of the trees, my birthday and Halloween. If it can't be May all year long, then I would vote for October.

We are heading to the coast on Thursday to see if we can spot some whales. The grays are playing around Depot Bay we heard. Of course, this will include lunch at Nescawin. Remember those of you who have visited with us...that is that little restaurant along Rt 101 just south of observation park overlooking Pacific City. We used to eek out a trip Up-North when in Michigan...oops, we will be doing that too in a couple of weeks...including Dead Man's Hill overlooking the Jordan Valley. Yep, our cup runneth over this fall.

I didn't have any fall pictures to post with the blog...but I will surely get some. We found out that one MUST see the Japanese Gardens in all four seasons to fully appreciate their splendor. So, we will be going back there before the deciduous trees give it up for this year.

I will report back on the whaling trip soon.

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