Monday, August 24, 2009

Portland's Japanese gardens

Portland's Japanese gardens
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We made the trek to the Japanese Gardens on Friday. While it was overcast, it was an extraordinary visit. Without the direct sun the green colors complemented each other and the mixture of browns, reds and orange were almost breathtaking.

This is the first time Aleene and I have been here. Thirteen years ago we first made the visit to the Rose Garden, and the JG is adjacent to it. But time was a factor. Then a few years ago we again stopped to smell the roses first and it began to rain, so we didn't complete the circuit. But this time we started "up the hill" at the JG.

There are five of them...all enclosed in the five acre site that was the former home of the Oregon Zoo. One of the fixtures is the water fall and the pool at the bottom which our guide told us was the former "Bear Pit" and now is one of the main attractions...minus the fence and bear.

I advise a guide the first time there and then go back during another season, like spring (late March or early April) and then a trip when the leaves are coloring. This place is a treasure and for about 50 years has been a pillar in the must see places around Portland.

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