Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great trip south last week

The gang at Crater Lake
Pictured are Aleene, Nancy, Jim and Moi.

We motored south 270 miles to Phoenix, OR last week for a look at Crater lake and then a night at the theater in Ashland. I hesitate showing off more Crater Lake pix since I ran a bunch six weeks ago as we planned this trip. But the lake was bluer this time than last. The sun was brilliant and the temp at 7,000 ft. was about 62 degrees.

We learned lots of stuff. The lake is too high for many birds to use the area as a migratory route; there are about two-million fish in the lake (it is thought to be able to hold over 5 MM.) The ranger who took our picture was eager to talk and we took advantage.

Rogue getting wilder
We stopped along the descent from the lake to enjoy a look at the Rogue River...east of I-5. While the water was wild, the drop from the gorge is quite a sight, but very close to civilization. The wild part of the river is west of I-5 where there are wild spots on the water, to be sure, but there is, civilization. That is where we raft...on the west side.

On the trip back home, there was lots of resting by everyone, except the driver. And, oh yes, we had a great time.

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