Sunday, August 02, 2009

Play space

Play space
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We spent six hours in Portland airport the other day waiting for our flight, which was out of Hawaii...six hours. Then, we had to stay over night in Minneapolis and limped into Grand Rapids the next morning, sans luggage. Said luggage came later that day, however so we were somewhat appeased.

Now, as I write, Amy and Bren with Ashie are winging their way across Wisconsin toward Traverse City...six hours late. They rode the same flight we did to problem, but there was no plane for them to their destination! Theirs was canceled, which means they had to wait for the next flight with room to bring them Northern Michigan. Can you believe it? Likely, their luggage will be with them. Bren took this picture of Amy and Ashie as they each played while putting in time at the airport. Yeeesssshhh.

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SLB said...

Was Amy on Facebook or texting? lol