Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At the coast during a heatwave

When the Willamette Valley temps soar past 100 degrees, there is nowhere else to be than the Pacific Coast. We spent Monday night at our friend's cottage after leaving Newberg with its 102 degrees. When we drove the 63 miles over the mountain, it was a cool 63. It is so nice there right now.

We spent the day hiking and eating as some of the pictures will indicate. The best spot was up on top of a hill overlooking Cape Kawanda and Pacific City. We spotted Golden Eagle high in a tree within binocular distance. Quite a site.

The big Nestucca River splits the two places...the cottage we stayed in is on the PC side (east) of the river. The river is tidal and flows one way then the other. We watched the Canada geese swim out into the middle and catch a current flowing up stream as the tide came in. An hour later they paddled back to their shady spot in single file.

Lots of fun and good sleeping, too. We left for home at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday (so we could get ready to travel east) and it was a chilly 61 degrees. Twenty miles east as we came over the mountains it was a sultry 88 at 9:00. It took all night to cool off.

The Pacific Coast is beautiful. It can be angry and cool and it can be balmy and pleasant. It is one of my favorite places of God's creation.

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