Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright

We spent the day today 90 miles SE of Pittsburgh touring the two Wright designs, Fallingwater (his masterpiece) and Kentuck Knob a year round abode of the Hagan family.

Fallingwater was the draw, but we fell in love with Kentuck Knob as being the most livable of the two. And as a 6'4" person, Kentuck Knob was by far and away the best. FLW said he was 5'8" but in reality he is supposed to have been only 5'4" and always designed his houses with low ceilings. The owners of Kentuck Knob were tall people and the result is the ceilings are high and very livable.

There are many comparisons and side stories about Wright. Another significant thing is that Fallingwater was designed as a summer home...Kentuck Knob was lived in as a primary residence.

Big Run Creek runs past and under a portion of the house...not completely under the house as the pictures seem. Today, Big Run Creek was very angry and filled its banks. It did the ouse proud. My personal pictures will show that. The one I have here shows barely a trickle.

I loved the visit. He was a genius, to be sure, and he left his mark on architecture and a usage of materials was dynamic. What a piece of Americana...from the 1930s.

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We were happy to have you at the house and hope to see you back for the changing of the seasons!

~Heidi Ruby Miller
Kentuck Knob
Educational Marketing Director