Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On the road again

We are sitting in a light drizzle not 100 yards (give or take) from the Pacific Ocean at our favorite camping spot at Pacific City.

We got in a walk along the beach when we got here, roasted some dawgs and are now playing inside. Well, Ashie is playing inside; Tru is out under the awning enjoying the outdoors...lol. But wait...the weather has changed. We are going outside for Somores.

I am whipped and Aleene is doing crosswords...what else. BTW, she joined Face Book today; look for her there.

What a beautiful drive out: 55 miles, a little over an hour and lush, lush, lush with the mountain rivers running full along the winding road. I thought of Uncle Willie and his frustration with driving his Harley on flat, flat, Florida roads. He would Love Oregon.

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