Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bird sancturary

While in Punta Gorda, we visited a bird sanctuary; a respite for injured birds. There were owls, hawks, osprey, and eagles. Those were all caged. The ones in an uncovered shelter could not fly. Most of those visitors were pelican whose were missing a part of a wing. One of the workers told us that the common cause for their injuries was fishing line. The birds probably did not realize how lucky they were to be rescued since they were trying with no success to clear the fence, but left to the wilds I am sure they would starve to death.

Here are a few shots of the birds. Some pictures came out good...some did not.


Leon & Kristy said...

If this is the one in Ponce de Leon park, we were there a few days after you. Don't know where that posting id came from but it works.

Tom said...

That is the place. We were there on Saturday the 7th. Neat place. My shots of the pelican did not turn out as well, but they intrigued me with their missing wing parts.