Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Bowl and other

We hosted a Super Bowl party this weekend...ostensibly for Truman since his family doesn't follow pro sports much and we have, through stealth, been turning him into a Steeler fan. So when I got home from the retreat on Sunday we went into super bowl mode. The Steelers did their part, for sure.

During halftime, Truman produced the "Steelers rock" seen in the picture out of Lego. They boys did pushups and we generally just had a great time.

On Monday, I had Truman with me for lunch and then a few hours in the afternoon...he did not have school and his mother was working while Ashie was at daycare. I took the picture of him playing quietly while I caught up on the DVR stuff I wanted see after the Super Bowl; all the talking heads. I told him he looked like a cat sunning himself as he played with Star Wars characters. He didn't nap, but he could have after we split a foot long sub. He told me he burns up calories very quickly. And he is right there.

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