Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Men's Retreat Weekend

Each year (going back 20-some) the men of our church do a winter retreat. While there have been different locations, for the last several years we have convened at Rockaway Beach, OR. The reason is that one of our group owns a cottage (small house) there, just off the beach. Not only that, his brother and sister own cottages there too. In addition they jointly own a rustic cottage that was their parents. They are all located at the same spot. Larry doesn't charge us any rent. We do rent a neighbor's A frame that sleeps eight and a good thing too, we have 29 guys going this year.

We cook our meals (we each chip in $35 for food) and bring our own snacks...that table is loaded. But the heart of the weekend is combined learning, singing and worship. We are taking a professor of religion with us from one of the universities in Portland that one of our guys has a connection to.

This is my third year going to the Renne Retreat Center in Rockaway. It is a good chance to get to know the guys better and we really raise the roof when we sing hymns (we have a guitar and a keyboard going this year.)

It is amazing to me that there are that many guys willing to give up a weekend and talk about their faith. We will be home Sunday in time for the Super Bowl, of course.

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