Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why me?

I have been coughing for almost a year...due to my allergic reaction to the ace-inhibitor. That is about to change, however, as I switch meds in February. But today I got up with a big head, dripping nose and lack of energy.

We did not walk this morning. Aleene knows that when I get a cold that she just better not plan on me doing anything for 24 hours. I remember going to school (as a teacher) and telling the kids to humor me (should have stayed home) and when I was working in industry...trying to be as discreet as possible in meetings, etc. Sometimes I would show up, then go home. Today, I just stayed at home.

We had a lovely day today...lots of opportunities, but it is hard to do anything with a drippy nose. My remedy is sleep, liquids and an antihistamine to let me sleep. I used to take a hot bath and drink lemon tea with honey in it. Today, I just took a very hot shower and slept for an hour.

But it is time to give it up...get rid of this thing. I hope I did not give it to Asher who spent yesterday with us. We had such a great time with him. I love to negotiate with him. He is getting quite good at that.

Sunday is a busy time...both services, I drive the van...then, football all afternoon. Go Steelers.

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