Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII bound

I think Mike Tomlin has done a super job as coach of the now Super Bowl bound Pittsburgh Steelers. One had to wonder after replacing Coach Bill if he could pull it off and he has.

I have to admit...after all these years...that football has become my favorite sport. I was a purist and stuck with baseball for a long time (you know, America's pastime.) The Steelers' success was a part of that, of course, (not to mention Penn State) tracking the Stillers progress during the 1970s. Being from the WPA area, also, was a factor. I do have to watch what I say out here in Oregon, however, because there is no love lost on the Stillers here. I think that is due to the last Super Bowl when they played the Seahawks. The locals think that game was stolen from them.

But it is with great pride that I watched the Pittsburgh team go on to victory yesterday. Jeff and Kent were on Facebook off and on...and two more loyal fans never existed (unless it is Rob in Richmond) than these two cousins. It was fun to be part of their excitement.

I like the Cardinals due to their Pgh connection...their head coach KW and RG the other former Pgh coach. I like Curt Warner...the guy nobody thought could do it who has done it again...and their #11 Fitzgerald (Pitt) is phenomenal, and a truly nice guy...not a hot shot. And since we have been to AZ many times in the past five years and visited the stadium with my football mentor, Gary, I will not be destroyed if the Stillers lose.

Beyond that I am a Pittsburgh fan...through and through.

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