Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home at last

After two long plane rides yesterday, we got home late last night. Nice to be back. Someone commented at church that I hadn't blogged much during the cruise. The reason was not because I didn't want was two expensive. So now we are back and I have lots to say...get ready. I will start looking at pictures tomorrow. I will share a few here.

We woke up this morning with freezing temperatures and blowing snow. It has continued, more or less, all day. We went to our pastor's open house for an hour and then on to the grocery store. It was nasty out there. Nasty meaning sub freezing temperatures, wind and snow. You know, sort of like Michigan.

Without access to current news and sports, I have been drinking it in all day. We were able to see some of the Steeler game before we had to go to the open house...sorry we missed the really good part.

The boys were in good form when we visited. They were bursting with excitement. Truman loved his volcanic rock and both peeled off their shirts and sported their new tees we bought just 48 hours ago in sunny St. Martin. Ah yes, 85 degrees and unlimited sun.

The biggest news on our return was Brendon's decision to leave George Fox the first of the year. He will become the director of finance and development for the NW Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends. Their offices are here in Newberg, so he can walk to work (biking is more likely.) In Methodist terms Yearly Meeting is like our Annual Conference. Northwest is, obviously, like our jurisdictions. He will have limited travel and some different responsibilities than he has had in the past, thus rounding out his experience in the not for profit area. I believe in change (having made a few in my career) so I wish Bren all the best.

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