Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21

Today is Aleene's day...WooHoo. She is only going to do things she likes to do today...

We went walking this morning in the fog (no rain or snow) and she got two phone call celebrations. She was serenaded by the morning crew at the Coffee Cottage...then she fixed me breakfast. Why? because the girl likes to cook, that's why. Ashie comes at ten or so for the rest of the day and Tru will be here after school. Their parents will follow for supper which Amy is bringing in. I will furnish the cake.

I do not remember November 21, 1943, although I was around, but I do know there was celebration in the Kneram/Coryea/Tharpe families. Her cousin, Claudia Tharpe was due at the same time and was born the day after on the 22nd. So on the 21st Aleene came into the world, leading the way...named after...sort of...her Aunt Mildred Aleene Coryea (pronounced Cree-ya)who was serving in the Navy during WWII.

Today, most of the players are gone....sadly, Claudia, Mom, Dad, Claudia's dad...and the grandparents both maternal and fraternal that were instrumental in her early life. What they did was give the world a very thoughtful, caring, mother and Grammy and help-mate.

Happy Birthday, Dear...I love you very much....

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Heidi Pender said...

Happy birthday Aleene! You're a great mom and grammy and friend. I'm glad we get to know you!