Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting ready to go

This time tomorrow, we leave for PDX and ultimately, Barcelona, to catch our ship west. We are on Celebrity's Summit, which is huge...aircraft carrier size...I will feel at home.

I mowed the grass Saturday, which was cool when we first moved here, cutting the grass every month, but is now a pain. I raked leaves today and got them off the grass...still some from the neighbor's star gum to fall. I need to clean out the eves troughs, but that will wait. The rain we have is so fine that the gutters don't do much in the winter.

I got some Euros the other day...just enough to get around in Spain until we get on board ship. The exchange rate is much better today that it was this summer. It will be a long two days getting settled in. Sleep will be...well not done well. We fly overnight to New York and over night to Barcelona...then we crash in a hotel for 30 hours, which only wants us for 20 hours. That should be fun. We could go to a bull fight or something.

My sister's husband, Bruce, is not doing well. It seems we should not be having fun while he is struggling with cancer. Their whole family is in our prayers.

We are ready to go...not packed, exactly, but have things laid out in piles. Batteries are charged, I-pod is ready with our contata so we can listen while we travel. I am not sure I will write from the Summit, but if I don't...see you December 14. (Happy birthday Amy and Jeff)

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SLB said...

Have a safe trip and a great time!!!