Sunday, October 05, 2008

Our hosts

Jessie and Pete Douglas were our hosts for two weeks. They are our age and both are retired. Pete worked of the maintenance department of the City of Edinburgh and Jessie worked both for the community center, then became the manager of the cafe at the church.

They are dedicated to the work of Richmond Craigmillar Church. Jessie was instrumental in starting Richmond's Hope, a program for children who have experienced a death in their family. Today, they serve over 300 children in the community.
Jessie and Pete gave up their bedroom to us for the two weeks we were there. "For the next two weeks, my house is your house," she told us when we arrived. We came to love Pete and Jessie for being so open and giving. We worked hard and they took good care of us. Pete made us coffee in the morning and he made the porridge for us at the cafe. We ate with them several times in their home and they were most gracious and generous to us.

As we left, Jessie gave us each a tartan scarf with the Douglas my favorite. If you check Pete's tie, that is Douglas tartan design. He is wearing a kilt, but this picture does not show it well. I will show that again sometime.

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